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Hello bookish friends!

You don’t know, but I love the Avengers. They’re my favorite superheroes and to know that there will not be another movie about them breaks my heart a little. Luckily there are many ways I can do to keep my love for them alive, and this book tag is one of those ways.

I tried to investigate and find out who the creator of this book tag is, but I failed (not surprising coming from me tho). The only thing I found is that there are two names for this tag, the Avengers Assemble Book Tag or the Marvel’s Avenger Book Tag. I have no idea what’s the original one nor the creator, but I saw Connie from Connie Reads do it. She didn’t tag me, but I decided to do it anyway lol.

But enough of me talking/writing nonsense. Let’s get started with the tag!

Iron Man: a book that made you laugh out loud

This one’s hard because there are a lot of books that make me laugh. But a few months ago I read The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren and I smiled, laughed and giggled a lot.


Captain America: a book with a positive message

Oh god, this one is kind of hard too. I think a lot of books have positive messages, but one of the books that has left a mark on me is Making Faces by Amy Harmon. The story might not be super amazing and original and mind blowing, but the message is incredible and it is one of the many things a lot of people forget to do or think or take in consideration. I think there are a lot of positive messages to take out of this story.


Thor: a book with a character’s strength you admire

I’ve been reading The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan and it is everything I talk and think about, of course I was going to take any opportunity to talk about it here. There are a lot of characters in this series and every single one of them is so strong and they just never give up and I admire them so much because they are so young, but they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders (sometimes literally). Ah, I’m getting emotional lol sorry.

Heroes of Olympus

Hulk: a book that makes you incredibly angry

At first I thought I haven’t read a book that made me feel upset, but then I remembered Real by Katy Evans. It took me two or more years to finish reading that book. I like stories about the good girl falling for the bad guy, but for me this story was too much and it only exasperated me and I had to stop reading for two years and then, I finished it. And still, after many years, every time I think about it, I get all worked up.


Black Widow: a book with a kick ass female protagonist

There are a lot of kick ass female protagonists, how am I supposed to choose one! I don’t know if this is allowed, but like I said, my brain can’t think of any other book that is not The Heroes of Olympus, so yeah, that’s my answer, that whole series. The protagonists and secondary characters were amazing and they definitely kicked ass!

Heroes of Olympus

Hawkeye: an underrated book that people should pay more attention to

There were a lot of books to answer this question with, but I opted for Guards of the Shadowlands by Sarah Fine. I seriously haven’t seen someone talk about these books in the time I’ve been part of the book community online (I might have started posting content recently, but I’ve been watching and reading blog posts for quite some time now). I have no idea how the first book ended up being in my Goodreads TBR, but it was there and I was looking for something to read and I’m so happy I picked it up. The book is about Lela who makes the impossible to bring her best friend back to life, even going to “heaven” and “hell”, literally. The story was amazing, I loved the characters, and the plot was very interesting. The second book was a little bit boring, but I still enjoyed reading about the characters and what they were up to. I would like more people to give this series a chance to take them to unbelievable adventures and places.


That’s it for the book tag. I never tag people because I never know who to tag, but if you want to do it, then considered yourself tagged! I will be looking forward to your answers. You can also do this tag in the comment section so leave your answers down below, I’ll be reading you.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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