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The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan | Book Review

Hello beautiful people!

Finally, after what seems like forever, I’m writing a book review. Although this review might not make a lot of sense because I will try to talk about it without revealing important information and because my emotions are all over the place. In any case, I hope you like it.

First things first, The Heroes of Olympus is a series written by Rick Riordan. This series is completely different from Percy Jackson and the Olympians and can be read without any problem or fear of not understanding things or missing information if you haven’t read Percy Jackson. However, I think that if you want to read The Heroes of Olympus, you might want to read Percy Jackson and the Olympians first because there are characters or some references made that only someone that has read Percy Jackson would understand and get excited about, and also you might find some spoilers from Percy Jackson in The Heroes of Olympus. This is my recommendation for you, of course you can do whatever you like.

With that being said, let’s get into my review.

The Heroes of Olympus series starts with Jason waking up in a bus with a lot of students, among them is his girlfriend Piper and his best friend Leo, but Jason seems to be having amnesia and the only thing he remembers is his name. Piper has been worried about the disappearance of her dad and now her boyfriend Jason doesn’t remember her. After weird things happening in their last school trip, she, her boyfriend and Leo are taken to Camp Half-Blood. Leo finds his cabin at Camp Half-Blood super awesome, but there are two things that are strange, that everyone claims to be related to some god and that there seems to be a curse. Oh, and also, a camper is missing.

I really can’t say much because of spoilers, but that’s how the first book starts, The Lost Hero. I think it was a great start to a great series. Rick Riordan took us to new adventures and we met new characters, new gods, new allies and enemies. But not only The Lost Hero is packed with action and funny moments, we get that through out the five books in the series: The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades and The Blood of Olympus.

Since I can’t say much about the plot of the other books, I’ll be talking about the characters which I just love and adore and I want them to be real so I can hug them. Sorry if I talk in general terms, I don’t want to spoil anything and I think mentioning the names of some of the characters can be counted as spoilers. I really don’t want to ruin these amazing books to anyone.

Anyway, there are a lot of characters involved in these books. Seven are the important ones and every single one of them faced so many challenges during their whole life and throughout these books but they grew so much and I’m so proud of them. Thinking about the last book and the first book, makes me realize that they changed so much and for the better. There are some other characters that weren’t that important at the beginning, but by the end of the series it was hard to forget about them. There were also some characters that didn’t appear much but they still left a mark on the reader and on these demigods, and they won’t be forgotten either. However, not everyone was good, the bad guys were so bad, I wanted to fight them myself because I couldn’t believe what a pain in the *** they were!

Honestly, I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this series. I loved everything and maybe I’m being biased, but I just love these books so much. If you follow me on Twitter, these books were the only thing I’d been talking about for days, it’s going to be weird to read something new.

I recommend this series to everyone. Rick Riordan’s writing style is very easy to get into and he makes his characters feel so alive. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that none of the characters I read about are real *sobs*. And if you like Greek and Roman mythology, you’re in for a good treat with The Heroes of Olympus. Also, if you have read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you might be wondering what certain prophecy is all about, so let me tell you that this series is the answer to that question *wink wink*.

I gave all the books five starts because how could I not, so the rating for the whole series is five stars also.

The Heroes of Olympus

I’m sorry again if you find this review a little bit general since I’m not talking about things in depth, but I don’t want to spoil anything so I had to be very careful not to say more than I should’ve. Still, I hope that at least this review has helped you in deciding to read this series or not.

In the comments tell me if you’ve read The Heroes of Olympus or any other Rick Riordan book and if you liked it or not and why. Or tell me if you haven’t read anything by Rick Riordan, but you’re interested in doing so. I would like to know your thoughts and opinions.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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