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Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper #4) by Kerri Maniscalco | Book Review

Hello lovely readers!

I bring to you another book review, yay! I will not tell you many details about this book because this is the fourth and final one of Stalking Jack the Ripper series and I don’t want to spoil anything to anyone. The world is a better place when we don’t spoil stories to each other, don’t you think?

Capturing the Devil was one of my most anticipated releases of the year and it was the first book I read after all the Rick Riordan books I was reading. Anyway, let’s get into the review then.

I will tell you what the first book of this series, Stalking Jack the Ripper, is about because, you know, spoilers!

Audrey Rose,  who is seventeen years old, is the daughter of a lord and she’s expected to perform in a certain way in society and be a lady. However, what she loves the most is going to her uncle’s laboratory to study forensic medicine with him. While she’s studying, a case about a serial murderer appears and she finds herself in the middle of the investigation.

This series is about mystery and uncovering the truth and for someone that doesn’t read mysteries that often, I believe this is a great place to start with this genre. However, you should know that the romance is very strong in this series too, so if you don’t feel like this combination of mystery and romance is your cup of tea, then maybe you won’t enjoy as much these books. I still encourage you to give this series a try and if you don’t like it, you can always DNF it.

I adored the characters, specially Audrey Rose. She is only a seventeen year old girl living her life as she wants in a nineteen century world where society and what others think of you is extremely important. She is not perfect, but she makes her best effort to always do her best and follow her dreams, no matter what others might think of her. I wish I was as brave and courageous as she is when I was her age.

Then we have Thomas. He is my favorite and that’s all you need to know. He is very mysterious and dark, just like my ideal type. Not surprising why I fell so hard for him and I’m sure you will too. I must admit I was a little bit scared of him sometimes, but then his actions spoke louder than his words and I swooned.

Another one of my favorite characters was Liza. We don’t see much of her in the first book, but throughout the series we get to know her more and she is the sister every girl wished to have.

Capturing the Devil is the fourth and final book of this series and a lot of questions were answered and everything seemed to wrapped up nicely. However, I think the mystery was not as heavy as the previous books as it was in this fourth book, but with other things happening here, I actually forgot all about it. So be prepared for this little change. Still, this book was packed with murder and death and uncertainty, I’m sure you will enjoy it a lot. And the ending… I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I cried some happy and sad tears so have some tissues by your side just in case.

I highly recommend this series to anyone that would like to start reading mystery and/or historical fiction. And even to people who have these genres as their favorites, I’m sure you will find the story very intriguing. Just be aware that this story is a little bit dark in the sense that some scenes about murder and stuff like that are a little bit descriptive. If you don’t like that, then read with precaution.

Since this is a review of the fourth book, kind of, my rate for Capturing the Devil is four stars. It didn’t feel like something extraordinary and out of this world, that’s why it’s only fours stars, but I still enjoyed it so much. I will keep these characters and story in my heart forever.

The Heroes of Olympus-2

It’s so hard to talk about a second, third or any other book in a series that is not the first one because I have to be careful with spoilers, but at the same time I have to make sure that you still understand what I’m trying to express. I hope I managed that.

In the comments tell me if you’ve heard of this series before, if you have read it or if you’re still reading it and your opinion. Tell me all about it down below, I’ll be looking forward to your comments.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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