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Meet Cute by Helena Hunting | Book Review

Hello bookworms!

I bring to you another book review. Like the title says, I’m talking about Meet Cute. It was released earlier this year, in April, and I read it in October. Not so bad when I tend to read books like five years after they were released lol.

Anyway, Meet Cute is about Kaylin meeting Daxton at law school. She literally ran into him and from there, their friendship blossomed. But Kaylin never expected him to betrayed her. So eight years later, when Daxton is in her office asking for legal advice, she feels anger, but she also feels sorry for him becoming the sole guardian of his thirteen-year-old sister. Kaylin starts to spend more time with them and she can’t deny the chemistry she still has with Daxton, but there are a lot of secrets and resentment between them. Will they make it work or will they let their mistakes of the past ruin everything?

I liked the book a lot. The plot was interesting and not something I read very frequently. I’m not saying it is original, but I don’t remember reading a book that is kind of heavy on legal stuff as well as romance. And as someone that is studying in law school, it was something I liked a lot because I could relate to it, it felt like I was portrayed in the story somehow.

Another thing that I liked, was the fact that Kaylin is a super fangirl and I definitely relate to that. Being a fangirl has been part of almost my whole life, so reading about characters that are such big fans of something or someone, hits close to home.

The book is narrated in Kaylin’s and Daxton’s POV. I love reading a book when we get the two sides of the story because I know what the characters are thinking and not only speculating. However, sometimes when reading Daxton’s chapters, it didn’t feel any different from Kaylin’s. I haven’t read anything else by Helena so I have no idea if her other books are told the same way as this one, but in my opinion, she has to work a little bit more when writing chapters from the male perspective. I’m not saying it was bad, all I’m saying is she might need to work a little bit more in making it feel different, like giving the chapters more testosterone lol.

Another thing I wasn’t particularly fond of, was that some moments or situations felt very convenient and the majority of the plot twists that happened, I saw them coming so I wasn’t very surprised. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I’ve read a lot of romance before that I know more or less how this genre work? I’m sure that if I were Helena, I would have planned the book the same way as she, so having kind of the same mindset as the author didn’t help in my opinion. I still enjoyed the book, but deep down I felt a little disappointed in knowing beforehand what was going to happen.

The romance in general was very cute, I liked Kaylin and Daxton together. They seemed to me like the type of people you know are bound to end up together at some point in life, no matter how hard they try to avoid it. Their love story felt insta-love for me, but I don’t mind that because I like it and I’m all about enemies becoming lovers.

My rating for this book is 3 stars. It was a very cute romance and very entertaining, but it didn’t give me all the emotions I was looking for. For me to rate higher a romance, it has to make me tear up or make me feel like my heart is breaking, and Meet Cute didn’t make me feel like that at all. That’s why if you want to read it, I think it is better as summer read or for moments when you don’t feel like reading complicated books.

The Heroes of Olympus-8

In the comments below tell me if you’ve read this book and what you think of it. Or if you haven’t read it, if you plan on reading it someday.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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