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The Pledge by Laura Ward & Christine Manzari | Book Review

Hello pretty readers!

I read The Pledge in October 2019 and I’m posting the review now. You can imagine all the catch up I have to do before I get to the reviews of the books I’m reading in 2020. Anyway, this is for me to stress out about until I figure out what to do. In the meantime, enjoy this review of a book I didn’t enjoy that much.

So, The Pledge is about Taren who needs to leave her past behind, and she believes that going to college, where no one knows her or remembers her is the great place to start and be herself. Meanwhile Alec wants nothing more than to escape from his father and his strict rules. Discovering the acrobatics club gives him the freedom he has been looking for. Destiny and fate seems to want them together, but Taren and Alec are so different from each other and falling for one another might not be the wisest thing to do.

Honestly, this book sounded like something I would normally read or maybe something I was going to enjoy at least. I was wrong and it hurts me to say it. I really didn’t have any expectations, I just wanted to like the story and find a new romance book to swoon over. I have no idea what the problem with this book was. Maybe it was the fact that the romance happened so fast, or that  I didn’t really felt much chemistry between Taren and Alec.

Taren wants to leave her past behind, she now has friends and is part of a sorority. I actually don’t know how sororities work, but from what I saw in this book, they party a lot and have lots of activities and competitions. In short, they try to have fun while making friends and all that. However, I felt like Taren was fighting so hard to fit in and because of that she made some bad decisions I wanted to roll my eyes.

Then we have Alec. The only thing he wants is to be happy and free from his dad. He finally has that, but it comes with great responsibility and a lot of sacrifices. He wasn’t perfect, but I felt like I understood him more than I did Taren. In my opinion, he was more self-centered and confident about what he wanted from life, which was a pretty good thing.

Now, the two together were good, but they fought a lot and that reminded me a little bit of After, which was not good. Don’t get me wrong, this story was entertaining, but I got tired of Taren and Alec fighting, making up, having a good time, fighting again and so on. I know relationships in real life are like this, but sometimes the reason why they fought was dumb and it could have been solved by talking to each other instead of getting angry, blaming and hurting the other.

I think this book was not for me and it sucks because I wanted to like it so bad! However, if you’re interested in it, read it and make your own opinion about it. The Pledge was not for me, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t for you either, maybe it will be your new favorite book. Who knows!

I’m giving it 1.5 stars because it was just meh to me. It didn’t make me feel too much and most of the time my only thoughts were “when will I finish this story”. My main problem with the story was Taren and the execution of the romance, which pretty much is the whole book since this is a romance story. But once again, just because I think this way, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a book worth reading. Give it a try and make your own opinion about it.

the pledge review

I really hate giving books less than two stars, but I guess this is how life as a reader/reviewer is. Do you feel bad after giving less than two stars to a book?

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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