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The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review

Hello lovely readers!

I’m finally posting the reviews for the books I’m reading in 2020. However, this review might not be what I wanted it to be since I tend to write reviews right after I finish reading a book or a few days later, but I try to write it all as soon as possible to get my feelings as accurate as possible. I had this review drafted for a long time and suddenly it was deleted.

Of course you have no way of knowing which book review version is better, the one that was written a long time ago or this one you’re reading right now, but I know and it makes me kind of sad. Anyway, this is already a big introduction so let’s get to the review.

The Final Empire had been in my TBR list for so long. I had heard great things about this series and about Brandon Sanderson’s books, so of course I was excited to finally understand the hype surrounding this book.

This is a high fantasy series. It hooked me from page one and the descriptions of everything were easy to understand, however, there were a lot of things to know about the world and because of that it made me feel like I was making zero progress, even when I read almost all day. Although, the story itself was fast paced and action packed.

There are a lot of characters and I don’t want to talk about any of them individually because I fear I might spoil something, but I fell for them, even when I tried not to because I knew they were going to break my heart. Which turned out to be to true, but I still wanted to protect them from all the bad things in the world even when they could take care of themselves.

The story is told in third person, which gave Brandon Sanderson a lot of room to tell us the story of a lot of characters and make us understand the world better. Honestly, everything about this world is fascinating. I couldn’t get enough.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think I should warn you to have some tissues by your side when you’re reading the last chapters. My heart is still not over it.

Anyway, this was a great book and now I really understand why so many love the series. I still have to read the second and third book, but I will. I just have to be in the mood for it. However, this doesn’t mean this is one of my favorite series, at least not yet, but we’ll see in the future.

For now I recommend the book to anyone that is interesting and to high fantasy lovers, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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