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Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry | Book Review

Hello pretty readers!

Another book review for you! I have nothing else to say to you, so let’s get to my thoughts on this book.

This book was so deep and not at all what I was expecting, but I liked it a lot! Some trigger warnings I can think of is the mention of alcoholism, drug consumption, toxic relationships, parents abandoning their children, shootings.

Say You’ll Remember Me is about Drix, who was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, but when he is chosen for the Second Chance Program, the pet project of the governor to help delinquents get back to society as better human beings, Drix knows this is a great opportunity to get his life together, even if it means to be in front of cameras and reporters. Elle is the daughter of the governor, and she knows she is very lucky to have the lifestyle she has, but the pressure and expectations are too much for her. When these two meet, their connection is immediate, but it only means trouble for both. They have to fight against what others think of them to get what they really want.

The story is told in Ellison’s and Hendrix’s POV, which I love. And because we get to see both sides of the story, we learn a lot about the struggles of both and I just loved it. It is a very insightful book about two people, from very different backgrounds, struggling with different things, but at the same time having so much in common that it was inevitable to ship them and only wish them the best.

In my opinion, the book is a little too long, but I also think that if the book were shorter, the characters, their struggles and their journey to be who they wanted to be, wouldn’t have felt real. Although there were some things I got tired of reading because they seemed repetitive. And the plot twists didn’t take me by surprise at all, but I enjoyed reading them and I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I liked the characters a lot. Ellison seems to have the perfect life, but actually her life is very far from that. I really like how much she grew during the story and I was so happy when she finally found true happiness. I really think that no matter how different the reader is from Ellison, we can relate in one or more things with her.

Then we have Hendrix, which I wanted to protect. He comes from a very bad background which we don’t get to see, only know about from what he says and people around him mention, but it really isn’t necessary to read it to comprehend how bad it was for him while growing up. We only see this new version of him and I am still very proud of him. There are a lot of things to learn from Hendrix.

I really enjoyed the story. Even if I felt like the book was long, the chapters are kind of short so it didn’t really feel the four hundred something pages. Honestly, I was expecting to have my heart ripped out and a lot more angst, but I’m still happy with how the story turned out to be because it left me feeling warm inside and believing in second chances.

Oh, at the very end of the book, Katie McGarry left a playlist for the book. For anyone that wants to remember Ellison and Hendrix story when listening to music. I love it when authors do this!

I recommend Say You’ll Remember Me to anyone that is interested, to anyone that is looking for something to read over the summer, to anyone that likes romance and even if cheesy books are not your thing, I think this book is worth giving it a try. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Beautiful makes people believe they can say anything they want about or to me and that I shouldn’t be angry.

When she smiled at me, it was like I was being warmed by the sun, and I was her only planet.

I had no idea perfection meant selling a portion of my soul.

Yes, amazing things are going to happen because that’s what happens when you find your wings and finally fly.

Love yourself to not let some bastard continue to treat you like crap.

There’s something terribly wrong with a world that finds joy in other people’s mistakes and pain.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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