The Liebster Award | Tag

Hello cute readers!

This time I want to bring you a tag for two reasons. The first one, I was tagged to do this in July… we’re in September now 🙃. And the second one, tags are fun lol. I will take this moment to thank the amazing person who tagged me, Lauren. Thank you so much!!

T H E R U L E S:

  1. Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the Award.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 people.
  4. Ask the people who you have nominated 11 questions.

M Y A N S W E R S T O L A U R E N ‘ S Q U E S T I O N S:

What is your favorite smell?

I’m going to sound super basic but I love the smell of vanilla!

Do you collect any bookish stuff?

I am trying to grow my bookish candles collection, but shipping is so damn expensive. However I have a lot of bookmarks!

What is the pretties book you own?

I look at books with heart eyes, but since I have to pick one, I’ll have to say Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor, the UK edition. It’s so beautiful!

What is your favorite type of chocolate?

I just love chocolate in general. There are times when I prefer one type over another, but I don’t think I have a favorite.

Which fictional couple is goals?

Lou and Reid from Serpent & Dove is one of my favorite fictional couples. They are so cute and adorable together.

What is a genre that you want to read but haven’t been able to get into?

Non-fiction, more specifically Memoirs.

What is your favorite summer activity?

Going to the beach/pool maybe. I love getting tan and what better place than the beach/pool to do that. I also love eating ice cream although I eat it whenever I want lol but eating ice cream in the summer is nice.

What are some of your blogging goals?

I only have two right now. Get accepted in a blog tour for a book I’m really excited to read and get to 150 followers.

What is something you wish you knew about blogging when you started?

I wish I knew how hard it is to customize the blog. It is not difficult, but there’s always something I want to change and improve, I just have a hard time making it look the exact way I want it to.

Do you read dystopian books?

Not as often as I used to years ago. I have a few books in my Goodreads TBR I hope I can read them before the end of this year.

What is a book that everyone needs to read?

More people needs to read Descendant of the Crane by Joan He. And if someone’s looking for a romance book, please do yourself a favor and read Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen.

M Y Q U E S T I O N S:

  1. What is your favorite season?
  2. Do you have an all-time favorite song?
  3. Hardcovers, paperbacks, ebooks or audiobooks?
  4. What genre you read the most?
  5. Have you ever met a celebrity?
  6. Do you have any secret talent?
  7. What is your beverage of choice in your daily life?
  8. Exclusive book edition or signed book edition?
  9. What is your favorite tv show?
  10. What’s your favorite social media app?
  11. You meet your favorite author (dead or alive), what would you say to them?

I’m tagging: Ellie | Tiffany | Julie | book_echo | Paloma

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