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Frigid by J. Lynn | Book Review

First of all, this book is the first in a duology, but they can be read as standalone. And second, this books was written by Jennifer L. Armentrout under her pen name J. Lynn. I thought it was worth making this clarification beforehand.

Frigid is a friends-to-lovers romance. It is about Sydney and Kyler being best friends since they are kids. Sydney is in love with Kyler, but he goes from one girl to another and she’s scared of ruining their friendship if she tells him her true feelings. Kyler thinks Sydney is perfect and so way out of his league. They get stranded at a posh ski resort and it becomes hard to hide their attraction from the other. However, there’s someone stalking them and their feelings are not the only thing to worry about.

This book is not something new or out of this world, but it was entertaining. Frigid is told in Sydney’s and Kyler’s POV. I love books written this way, but I felt like Kyler’s POV was more like extra content rather than giving more to the story.

Another little thing I have a problem with is the mystery. The synopsis says something about them having to deal with a stalker but there is not a lot of that, we only get like two or three moments in which we get to read about this stalker thing before it is all revealed and it was pretty obvious since the beginning who the stalker was, so there really was no surprise there and I was kind of disappointed by that.

Sydney is insecure because of things that happened in the past, but sometimes it was too much. And frequently her actions and thoughts made me go crazy, and not in the best way. On the other hand, Kyler was a little bit more interesting and I liked reading what he was thinking and I loved the way he thought of Sydney, like she was a goddess. I want a guy to think like that of me.

I’m not sure I would recommend this just to anyone. If you have read any other Jennifer book, you might like this, and maybe if you’re looking for something to keep you entertained, you might enjoy it. Otherwise, I don’t consider this book the best friends-to-lovers story out there.

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