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Descendant of the Crane by Joan He | Book Review

I got a copy of this book because it came in an Illumicrate box last year, I really can’t remember what month it was, but I am so glad I purchased the box, otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of this great book and therefore I wouldn’t have read it! As always, this is a spoiler free review and I hope you like it!

I started this book not knowing much about it and without expectations since I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about it. I have to say I’m very pleased with this book and its story.

Descendant of the Crane is about Princess Hesina of Yan who becomes queen in the blink of an eye because of the murder of her dad. In her desperation to finding who killed her father, she seeks the help of a soothsayer, which is considered illegal since magic was banned a long time ago. Using what she knows, she starts to trust an investigator who’s also a convicted criminal, Akira. The future of the kingdom is uncertain and the price to unraveling the truth might be too high for Hesina.

Like the synopsis says and suggests, this is a journey where Hesina tries to discover who killed her father while doing things that are not considered legal in her realm. I have read a lot of books with synopsis saying one thing but in reality the plot is completely different. Fortunately, Descendant of the Crane is exactly what it says it will be. The story is full of political intrigue and mystery and magic. If you like any of these, you will definitely enjoy the book.

At first it was kind of confusing because I had to get used to the world and its terms and how everything worked but once I started to understand, it was hard to stop reading and even more so when the truth starts to unravel. Personally I saw some of the plots coming, others took me completely by surprise and some others I partially guessed, but in the end I was shook by all the plot twists anyway.

As for the characters, they were all great. However, we get to know and understand Hesina the most. She wants justice for his father and for the people that has suffered because of the actions of her ancestors, however doing the right thing proves to be so hard. This might count as a minor spoiler somehow, but I really appreciated that things didn’t go the way she wanted and she faced a lot of obstacles. She was strong but fragile at the same time. I really liked her and felt her pain and hope and everything.

Akira was very mysterious and I would have loved to see more of him. However, we still get to know him and although it didn’t feel like he changed much, I was happy for him in the end.

There are many more characters that I liked, like Mei and Sanjing and Lilian, but the one that surprised me the most was Caiyan, which I don’t know if I like or hate or a little bit of both but because of that I feel fascinated by him. Does it even make sense? Lol.

My only complaint about Descendant of the Crane is that this is a standalone. I really wish there was more since the ending was an open one and I don’t like those because I come up with a lot of theories and possible scenarios and I go crazy just thinking about it!

Anyway, this is a really great story and more people need to read it because I know they will enjoy it a lot. My only warning, in case you are a hopeless romantic like me, don’t expect much of a romance. I mean there is one, but it is not the main focus of the story at all so don’t go into this book looking for romance. It is still enjoyable and I loved every interaction between Hesina and Akira.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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