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Not So Nice Guy by R.S. Grey | Book Review

I have read a few of R.S. Grey books before and I’ve liked them. They are fun, easy and fast to read. The perfect book to avoid reading slumps or just to hit your reading goal. However, Not So Nice Guy might be my favorite book by hers so far.

Not So Nice Guy is a friends-to-lovers romance. I can’t say I love this trope, but I don’t hate it either, however, this book made me almost change my mind about making this trope a new favorite. The key word is almost lol. Anyway, this book was so cute and in my opinion, way too short, I needed more of Samantha and Ian.

Not So Nice Guy is about Samantha (Sam) and Ian, who became best friends three years ago when meeting at the initial course to start teaching at a high school. They are so close that people think they are dating. One day, word gets out that Ian is single and the competition starts, although it seems like the only girl Ian is interested in, is Sam.

Like I said, the story was so cute and the love between these two friends was so adorable! Ian is described as the perfect guy, he is such a good friend, I’m jealous I don’t have a best friend like him. He is so sweet and he loves Sam so much. Once again, the perfect best friend anyone could ask for.

This book is told in Sam’s and Ian’s POV, which I loved because I read both sides of the story and that helps in understanding the characters even better. Sam was fun but she was also scared of changes, specially regarding how her feelings for Ian could change and ruin their friendship forever. Which in my opinion, was so understandable. And well, Ian is perfect so there’s nothing much to say about him.

Oh, there was a minor character, actually it was a student, Nicholas, who made me laugh a few times. If you have read this book or if you’re going to read it, then keep an eye out for him because he was such an amazing addition to the story. I also liked Ian’s parents. Sam’s mom seemed like a bitch to me, but I liked her dad tho.

I don’t know what else to tell you to convince you to read it. It was such a great friends-to-lovers romance, if you like/love this trope, I’m sure you’re going to love this book. It was also fast and easy to get into. R.S. Grey writes great romantic comedies so this was no exception although in my opinion, she could have made this book a little bit longer. I needed more of Sam and Ian.

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Happy reading đź’™

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