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Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen | Book Review

I was looking for a romance between the boss and his secretary, although this book has that trope, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but the characters stole my heart and I had no other way than to fall in love with their love story.

Brooklynaire is the first book in a book series of standalone romance novels. This particular book is about Becca and Nate. She has been working for him for the past seven years. Becca suffers an accident and Nate, being the good boss and friend that he is, sets out to help her. One night they spent together, and even though Becca tries to put distance between them, is hard to fight their feelings for each other. (Honestly, the official synopsis is so adorable, I recommend you read it.)

Before I start typing more, you have to know this was one of my favorite books of 2020, so be aware I’m only going to be talking good things about this book because in my eyes, it is perfect!

Now that that is out of the way, this book is told in Becca’s and Nate’s POV, something that I love in books. And because this is told from their POV’s we get to know them well. Becca was great. She was so sweet to Nate but she was also determined and she has worked so hard to get to where she is. Nate is a sweetheart, he is a genius and he got lost in his thoughts so often he was so adorable. His love for Becca was so swoon worthy. They were so perfect for the other!

This is not a sports romance, but it revolved a lot around hockey since Nate is the owner of a team. However, don’t let that make you don’t read this book. From time to time there were a lot of hot hockey players, so at least give this book a try for their hotness! (Nate is hot too, in case you didn’t pay attention to the cover lol.)

Due to Nate being a genius, he developed AI prototype called Bingley. Seriously, you are going to love it! It was so fun and it talked in the most inappropriate of moments it was hard not to laugh sometimes.

There were a couple of things I predicted, but that didn’t take my enjoyment away, it only made me more eager to keep reading. There were other times I was so sure what path the author was going to go with the story, but she surprised me by doing the complete opposite, which I was glad she did because that way it made it kind of difficult to know for certain what was going to happen next.

And if you don’t like drama/angst, then don’t worry, the drama here was the right amount to keep things interesting.

If you like reading romance books, then make yourself a favor and read this one! It was so good and the romance was epic and adorable and I just love Becca and Nate so much! I also want a Nate in my life, by the way.

Until the next post!

Happy reading đź’™

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