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Warcross duology by Marie Lu | Book Review

I am going to talk about Warcross and Wildcard as one story because I can’t remember what happened in which book exactly and I don’t want to mess things up. I hope you don’t mind.

I am only going to tell you what Warcross, the first book, is about because otherwise I will be spoiling the story. Warcross is about a video game played by millions of people, it is so popular that there’s a worldwide competition with the best players. Emika needs money as soon as possible so she hacks into the opening game of the championship but she accidentally puts herself on the spot. Instead of getting arrested like she thought, the creator of the game, Hideo Tanaka, makes her an offer, to be a spy for him inside the tournament to uncover some security problems. Emika is traveled to Tokyo, but her investigation turns more and more dangerous.

Okay so the first chapters of the first book the story takes place in New York but then everything else takes place in Tokyo. Which let me tell you, it was amazing and now I want to go to Tokyo, although the Tokyo of Warcross is a bit more futuristic than the real one, but still!

I predicted some plot twists before they even happened but that didn’t take my enjoyment of the story away. I still got shocked to the core when things were being revealed! It was such a rollercoaster, my emotions were all over the place!

The story felt futuristic to me, so considering these books sci-fi makes more sense to me. However, I had to reread some paragraphs or even stop reading to truly understand what was going on because at first I got a bit confused, but once I understood the world and how everything worked, I flew through the books.

The characters were amazing. Emika was one of my favorites, definitely. She was brave and she didn’t back down from a job no matter how dangerous. We get to know her the most since the books are told from her point of view. Then we have Hideo, which I was liking but then something happened and I wasn’t sure what to think about him, but in the end he won part of my heart again. He was very quiet and intense that sometimes he came off as rude. It seemed like he had the perfect life, but that was so far from the truth.

The secondary characters were amazing. The found family trope was present here and I just loved the dynamic with those characters and Emika! They were an epic team!

In my opinion, even though Warcross has action and mystery, there was a bit of romance here and there. Meanwhile in Wildcard, the romance took a back seat. And even when I was shipping the couple, I think their romance happened way too fast for my liking. I love them anyway lol.

Honestly, I think there are things that could have been better, but I enjoyed these books so much, I don’t care. In my heart they are perfect and I loved that Marie Lu knew how to play with my heart and emotions.

I highly recommend this duology, it has action, mystery, a bit of romance, plot twists that you might and might not see coming but that will leave you with your mouth hanging open anyway, the found family trope, suffering for the reader, and lovable characters. Doesn’t it sound appealing to you? Because it does to me!

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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