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The Risk by Elle Kennedy | Book Review

I like reading romance and I love Elle Kennedy’s romance books. This one was no exception!

This is part of a series called Briar U which is a spin-off series of The Off-Campus series. The Risk is actually the second book of the Briar U series, but you don’t have to read the previous books to understand, they can be read as standalones. However, if you want to get a better picture, then you can read all the books in order.

The Risk is about Brenna who is the daughter of the head hockey coach of her university. She is trying to secure a position for an internship, but the only person that can help her is Jake, the star player of the rival team. They have to go on fake dates, but Jake wants a real one for every fake one. Brenna has to keep this a secret if she doesn’t want her friends and father to find out, but it gets harder to resist Jake.

This book is told from Brenna’s and Jake’s POV. I love multiple POV’s because I get the whole picture, like the two sides of the same coin and that’s awesome!

Brenna is a bad-ass girl. She also knows what she wants and she tries her hardest to get it. Although she has a difficult past she keeps secret. She sometimes was too harsh but once we know about her secret, it is easier to understand her.

Then we have Jake. He used to lived, breathed and ate hockey, until Brenna. He is very good at it because he takes it very seriously and gives his all on the ice, but it was nice reading about how caring and loving he was towards Brenna. And even though they considered the other kind of the enemy, they were so supportive of each other and they were there for the other, it was so cute!

I honestly was expecting a more angsty romance, but I still enjoyed it. However, at times I felt bored because it seemed to me like all the focus was on Brenna’s internship, which was not bad because I wanted her to succeed and prove everyone wrong, but I was like I want the romance now! Lol.

Also, compared to the other books I have read in this series and the Off-Campus one, this one had more hockey moments. At least that’s what I felt like, which I didn’t mind at all but if you are not a fan of sports romances nor hockey then you might not enjoy The Risk as much. Also, the smut here was not as good as previous books.

This book was cute and fast to read and I enjoyed it, but my favorite Elle Kennedy book is still The Deal. And my favorite hockey player is still Garrett, although Jake was amazing and I don’t mind if life puts a Jake in my life.

I absolutely recommend this one to anyone, specifically if you love hockey, sports romances and Elle Kennedy’s writing.

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Happy reading đź’™

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