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The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review

So first things first, this is the third and final book in the original Mistborn trilogy because there are other books in this series, but they take place many many years after the events of this trilogy. Don’t worry, feel free to keep reading this post because I won’t be spoiling things, at least not intentionally. If you want to read my book reviews for the previous two books, you can find my book review for The Final Empire (book 1) here, and for The Well of Ascension (book 2) here.

The Hero of Ages takes place one year after the events of The Well of Ascension. A lot of things have happened and now Vin and Elend and the rest of the crew are traveling throughout the country looking for some things the Lord Ruler left behind in case things happened. I know, this sounds super vague and it makes no sense, but this is all I can say.

I enjoyed this book a lot more than book 2 (The Well of Ascension) because I wanted book 2 to be full of action like book 1 (The Final Empire), but book 2 was more focused on the characters and the political aspect of the story which it was important to understand everything later on, but when I was reading book 2 I wasn’t that interested. However, in book 3 we have action and a lot of tension because the stakes are so high and things have to go as planned or otherwise they are all doomed. I hope this is not too much information, but anyway, in The Hero of Ages every question and loose end we had in previous books were answered and I liked how Brandon Sanderson tied everything together in the end.

I have to be honest, I was so scared of this book breaking my heart like The Final Empire did. I mean, The Hero of Ages did break my heart, but I was expecting it to happen, like I knew Brandon Sanderson was going to make me suffer during the whole book so the pain was more bearable, meanwhile in The Final Empire I wasn’t a 100% sure my heart was going to break, you know, so it felt more unexpected. I hope that makes sense.

Thinking about the ending of this story breaks my heart a bit because it was so great. I connected a lot with the characters so going through this long and exhausting journey with them was emotional and it felt like saying goodbye to dear friends. I was also fascinated by this world so saying goodbye to it was not easy as well.

I like Fantasy, but I generally read more Fantasy Romance than just Fantasy. This trilogy is the second one I read of this genre. Well, technically, the first one I finish because I was reading Song of Ice and Fire a.k.a The Game of Thrones series a few years ago but the books are so chunky I was getting more and more intimidated by them. Anyway, this all to say that even though the romance was not an important part of the whole story, it was there, and now I can confidently say that I like Fantasy.

Also, these are the first books/series I read by Brandon Sanderson so of course I’m going to read more of his books in the future because his writing style is great. Considering he writes Fantasy and this genre can be kind of hard to get into because of the complexity of the world, he managed to make it all understandable since the very beginning and I was hooked since that first page. And honestly, I admire the mind of this man, like how can he come up with these amazing ideas for the world and plots! I am now a huge fan.

Until the next post!

Happy reading đź’™

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