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Make a Scene by Mimi Grace | Book Review

This was the first book I read in 2021 and it didn’t disappoint! I saw someone on Twitter mentioning it and I Bookmarked that tweet. I’m so glad I went back to check those saved tweets because I found this cute Adult romance.

Make a Scene is about Retta and Duncan faking their relationship. Retta’s cousin and ex-boyfriend are now engaged. She decides to attend the wedding with her amazing and handsome boyfriend, but there’s just one problem, he doesn’t exist. Duncan just opened his boxing gym and the least thing he expected was to fake date the next door baker.

I love the fake relationship trope and if you do too, you have to check this book out. It was adorable and it is also kind of short, it has like 215 pages. It is also so fast and easy to get into the story so it is the perfect book for in-between reading. And the cover is gorgeous!

I liked both Retta and Duncan. Retta is the type of woman that doesn’t give up until she gets what she wants, but she is also pretty cool and fun to be around. I wish I could be her friend. On the other hand, there’s Duncan whose dreams and goals are starting to come true and even though he is skeptical about relationships, he accepts Retta’s offer and he was so adorable, he made me swoon a couple of times!

There’s not more I can share with you without spoiling the book. This is a romance so we all know how these stories end and play out, but this one is worth your time. And by the end of it, you might want one more chapter, like I did! I was so invested in these character and their love story that I wanted more!

I don’t think this is a new all time favorite, but it was so cute and adorable and I want to reread it again because it was so much fun. And since Retta is a baker, I wanted to try all her recipes!

There were a few sexual scenes so I wouldn’t recommend this book to very young readers. And like I mentioned, if you like the fake dating trope, give Make a Scene a try!

Until the next post!

Happy reading đź’™

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