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The Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb | Book Review

I had seen these books a lot on social media and heard lots of good things about them so I was looking forward to reading them. I was so not prepared for what was to come!

The Farseer trilogy consists of Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest. I’m going to only share with you the synopsis of the first book to avoid spoilers. So Assassin’s Apprentice is about Fitz, who is the bastard son of Prince Chivalry. He is an outsider to the royal family and he is lonely. When Fitz is recognized into the family, he has to become an assassin as well as learn the life of weaponry, scribing and courtly manners.

This is a high fantasy trilogy that focuses more on character development, so the book can feel longer than it is and therefore slow paced. However, if you like character-driven books, then the probabilities of you enjoying this series are higher. The author also took her sweet time getting from point A to point B in all three books, which sometimes was painful because I needed to know what was going to happen and Robin Hobb only made my suffering last longer.

I don’t know if this information will be helpful to anyone, but the shortest book is the first one and the longer one is the third. And just because I want to share this with you, my favorite book was the second one, Royal Assassin.

Anyway, the story was so intricate and full of magic and sometimes I was not sure where it was going, therefore, some plot twists took me by surprise. Even when this is high fantasy, I had no problem getting into this world and the world building was great too! I enjoyed learning about the magic and how it worked. Personally, I’m not a big fan of political intrigues, but in this trilogy I had a great time reading about the lies and traitors and alliances and treaties and so on.

However, I loved even more the characters, especially Fitz since the trilogy is about him. The books are told from his point of view, in first person; we see him grow up from six years old through his twenties, I believe. Fitz is not the only character I liked, I also liked Burrich and Verity and the Fool and a few others, but I honestly don’t want to talk much about them because I think it is better if you read these books with as little information as possible.

I suffered so much while reading these books because we learn everything about Fitz and his life and his fears and everything that makes him him and I just wanted to protect him from all the pain and suffering, because Robin Hobb didn’t touch her heart when it came to Fitz, my poor boy. I just wanted to hug him, take him to a safe place and let him be happy. Months have gone by since the moment I finished this trilogy and just thinking about Fitz, my heart goes like we must protect. He is my baby, a lethal one, but my baby nonetheless.

I have more things I’d like to share with you, but they are spoiler-y so I’m going to keep those comments to myself. I truly enjoyed this trilogy, to the point that it became a favorite one. I fell in love with Robin Hobb’s writing style, so I’m going to read the rest of her books at some point because they are big and I have to prepare myself for that and the suffering and pain.

Even though I loved these books, I can totally see why some people don’t, but honestly, I encourage you to give Fitz’s story a try because his character development is great and I am so proud of the man he became! And, like I mentioned before, if you like character-driven stories, as well as high fantasy, this is perfect for you!

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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