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Hello everyone!

As you know, and even if you don’t, I have a reading journal. I had my very first reading journal in 2019, although it was a mix of reading journal and an agenda. And since then I’ve been changing it one way or another to make it work for me.

Now that 2021 is coming to an end, I think it’s time I show you what I planned for my new journal. I have to confess, it is completely different from the ones I had in 2020 and 2021. (If you click on the year it’ll take you to the blog post in which I show you my journal for that year).

I decided to make radical changes because I realized I suck at coming up with new themes for each month and I felt like I was being repetitive with my spreads, so I decided to have more general ones.

The notebook I’m going to be using I have no idea where I bought it, I got it from a girl who used to buy asian stationary but I recommend the Archer and Olive ones, they are so beautiful and if you care about ghosting and bleeding, their journals are perfect because the pages are so thick.

Anyway, enough of this long introduction and let me present to you my 2022 reading journal.

I’ve seen this on other people’s journals, especially on Amanda Rach Lee’s. The space grid cheat sheet. Even though I won’t be needing it because I won’t be making new spreads later on in my journal, it has been something I’ve always wanted to do so here it is lol. And then on the right page you can see my title page, which I can’t say I’m proud of but I don’t hate it either.

I like keeping track of new releases so this is my spread for all the new books I am interested in. I don’t know if this specific type of spread has a name but let me explain it to you, but it’s a future log. As you can see, there are six letters on each page, they represent the months. Under those letters I’m going to be drawing dots. For example, let’s say that a new book is being released on May 6th and another on January 20th. I’m going to go to the second M on the left page and I’m going to put a dot under it, then on that same line but on the right side of the line, I’m going to write 6th book title. And then I’m going to go the next line and under the first J, I’m going put a dot and on the right side of the line I’m going to write 20th book title.

I hope I made myself clear but if you have any doubts or questions, feel free to leave them in comment section below and I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

On the left side I have my reading goal for 2022. I decided to aim for 70 books this year. And on the right side I have my reading at a glance spread. How this works is like follows. I’m going to pick three colors, one for ebooks, another for paperbacks and the other one for hardbacks. Then I’m going to color in the squares if I read that day (that’s why there are numbers on the left side of the chart, they represent the days of the month) and I’m going to use a different color according to the format of the book I’m reading.

Again, I hope I’m making sense, but feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

In the next few pages I’m going to keep track of the books I read in the year. As you can see I’ll write the title of the book, the author, when I start it and finish it, my rating, in which format I read it, and finally, I’m going to draw a heart whenever I consider the book to be a new favorite of mine.

I decided to add this spread because I want to keep track of the books I DNF. It is only one page long because I don’t DNF books that often so this is enough space for me. Then it comes my TBR of the year. I’m going to write down all the unread books I have on my shelves as well as books I’m excited to read in the year (and hopefully I’ll actually read them!).

And just like the previous spread, here I’m going to keep track of all the book series I have started and I want to finish this year as well as the book series I want to start and finish. I’ve been doing this spread since 2019 and I like it, it is so much fun to see my progress while reading book series.

I think this one will be a useful spread because the book community is full of book recommendations. This spread is perfect to remember all those books and who recommended them to me personally or who I saw it from on social media.

These spreads aren’t that useful to me, I try not think too much on how much money I spend in general, but I want to know how many books I buy in the year as well as how much I spend on them. I have to start being a responsible adult… lol.

The next three spreads aren’t new. I started these spreads in 2020 and they are useful in knowing which books are going to be popular due to being included in these book box subscriptions. It is also a great way to know what other book releases are happening in the year that I am not aware of. For these spreads I only print the cover of the book and I paste it on the squares. January is the first square on the top left and then I move to the right.

For the spread on the right, I’m going to print the cover of the book I consider a favorite each month.

I saw this in someone else’s journal and I liked the idea so much. This is the perfect way to discover my favorite book of the year, or at least I hope so! I’m going to write the book title and maybe the author and then when I have the winner, I’ll print the cover.

And finally, these two spreads are my stats. For my social media stats I write down the number of followers I have at the end of each month on Twitter, Instagram and here on the blog. As for my book stats, I think it is easy to understand how it’ll work.

However this is not the end of my reading journal. After all these spreads, I’ll leave fourteen blank pages in case I decide to participate in any readathon during the year so I can make the spread for it and write down my TBR.

And lastly, this year I want to write my book reviews in my journal so the rest of the notebook is for me to write them down. In 2021 I wrote them in Google Docs, but now I want to keep as much as I can about my reading habits on paper.

I really hope you like this post and find it useful in any way. And like I said before, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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