My 2021 reading journal | Journaling

Hello lovely people!

I was so excited for the new year because I wanted to start a new reading journal, there’s something about starting fresh that is so amazing. And I also bought a new notebook because the one I used for my 2020 reading journal was running out of pages so I bought an Archer & Olive bullet journal because I’ve heard great things about it and I can tell you now, they are beautiful and perfect for journaling.

Anyway, I’ll show you my spreads for this year, which honestly are the same I used last year with a few slight variations. I won’t be showing you my monthly spreads because honestly there’s not much to show but I’ll be sharing them in my Instagram stories, so make sure you follow me there for more updates on this.

But enough of this long introduction, let’s get to what you are here!

Like I told you, my bullet journal is from Archer & Olive, which if you know nothing about, I recommend you check their website out because their notebooks are truly amazing! I bought the Scorpio Dot Grid Notebook from their Zodiac collection because well, I’m a Scorpio lol.

I didn’t really made a title page because I don’t know, but the first thing I did is this spread where I drew 80 squares since I want to read 80 books this year. I’ll be coloring them once I finish a book and each month is a different color from the rainbow so when I finish I’ll have a beautiful rainbow as well as it will give me a better representation of how many books I read each month.

I also wrote at the bottom “date completed” which I will write the date in which I read 80 books and in case I manage to read more than that, I’ll write down the total of books I read in the year in the line below.

Like you can see, I already have two squares colored purple because to the day I’m writing this post, I have already read 2 books.

Next I have my Most Anticipated books of 2021. On the left I draw 12 boxes in which I’ll be printing and pasting the cover of the book I am most excited for for each month. I already picked my most anticipated books from January to June, however I haven’t printed the book covers. I’m not sure if you can see it, but I wrote in pencil the name of the book and its release date.

On the right, I printed this beautiful spread from a PDF of a reading planner I bought on Etsy. Originally, this spread was meant for something different but I cut out the title lol I wrote the book releases I’m interested in for each month. I put the day the book is being released next to it as well so I don’t forget. As you can see I only fill it out to June but as more books are being announced, I’ll be filling it out.

If I read any of these books, I’ll be coloring them in. I hope it will help me to know how many new books I read in 2021.

Now here, like the title says, is where I’ll have all the books I read in 2021. As well as the last spread, I printed this from the reading planner I bought. In here I will be writing the name of the book I read inside the book lol and I’ll be underlining it in the color of the month so at the end, I’ll have beautiful rainbow shelves. And I just realized I didn’t underline the second book lol. There are way too many books so I’m not scared of running out space.

The next spreads are my favorites. I did this last year and it was fun! I love book boxes because they always include new book releases I sometimes don’t know about. In other words, this is like the spread about my Most Anticipated books. I have a lot of favorite book boxes and I wish I could put them all here but I’ll probably run out of space. The ones I did put in my reading journal are FairyLoot, Illumicrate, Faecreate and Baecrate.

The idea here is to print the cover of the book included in their monthly boxes and so at the end of the year, I’ll have this fill out with beautiful book covers and a lot of books in my TBR lol.

Last year I wrote almost all the books in my Goodreads ‘Want to Read’ shelf in my 2020 TBR spread. That didn’t go well and even though I managed to read some of them and get rid of some others, this year I didn’t want to have a list that big so I chose the ones I am truly looking forward to reading in 2021.

Once I read one of these books, I’ll be coloring the little square next to it, like I did with Make a Scene.

This one is also another of my favorite spreads. In 2019 and 2020 I got so excited I wrote down a lot of book series, some of them I was excited to read and some others not so much. This year I only wrote the ones I do want to read this year and I left a bit of space in case I start a new series I didn’t consider when I first started this reading journal.

Whenever I finish a book in a series, I will put a dot next to the book I read and when I complete the series, I will underline the name of the series. I hope to see a lot of book series underlined this year because in 2020 I didn’t read that many.

Being in the book community is amazing and there are always book recommendations so I decided to dedicate two pages in my bullet journal to them! These are from the reading planner I bought. There’s nothing much to say, whenever someone recommends me a book, I will fill this page and hopefully read them this year lol.

On the left, I decided to create this spread because it will be easier for me to refer to this page whenever I make my post for my favorite books in 2021. That’s it, I will only write the name of the book and maybe the author. I know I won’t fill this page out, so I might print out the covers and make a mini collage in the blank space left.

And on the right, I once again printed this from the reading planner and I will fill it out whenever I buy a physical copy of a book. I don’t tend to buy books frequently, but whenever I do, I go kind of crazy so it will be fun to see what books I bought in 2021.

And finally, on the left is the second page I dedicated to the books I’ll buy. On the right, I will write down the followers I have for my main social media accounts which are Twitter and this blog, however, I will also include Instagram because even though I don’t post content, I still try to be active on stories and I don’t know, I find it funny to see how many followers I lose each month.

Once January is over, I will write how many followers I gained in the month. Then when February is over, I’ll do the same and so on.

And that’s it for my 2021 reading journal. I hope this inspires you for your reading journal. None of these spreads are 100% created by me, I’ve watched lots and lots of Youtube videos about journaling so I got inspired by them and I made these according to my needs and what I want to keep record of.

Don’t forget to follow my Instagram where I will be sharing my monthly spreads, in case you want to see what I like to track every month. And, if you don’t have Instagram, I will try to remember to post them on Twitter too.

Do you have a reading journal? If not, would you like to have one?

Until the next post!

Happy reading 💙

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